Felix Cartegena & his AMAZING bubble generators and Ephemeral Bubble Sculpture Machine

Stretch the Stiltwalking Clown dressed to match his Amazing Solar Powered Bubble Tower!

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Fun in Manitou Springs, Colorado
by Pikes Peak

Still Scheduling the 2nd
Bubbles Over Colorado Festival
(maybe in May of 2007)

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How Did it Go in 2004?
It Rocked!

We put the banner up across Manitou Avenue in late April.  The weather DID improve!

Blue Skies Inn B&B playfully presented the first annual Bubbles Over Colorado Festival on May 7 - 9, 2004 in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Bubble artists from both coasts performed in the small city of Manitou Springs. Located at the base of Pikes Peak, this small mountain city is known for original events.

Two days of bubble machines, bubble blowers and bubble events celebrated Colorado's blue skies, the inspiration for Blue Skies Inn B&B's name.

When artist Sally Thurston built her bed and breakfast inn, she chose to name it in honor of her reason to return home to Colorado, blue skies. As a thank you to the people of that city at the base of Pikes Peak where her inn is located, Thurston planned a festival on the same sky theme. For two days, blue skies above the little town of Manitou Springs were full of bubbles.

Felix's bubble machines produce 10' long bubbles!

While searching the Internet for bubble ideas, Thurston was surprised to find professional bubble blowers. Invitations went out to several on both coasts.

Bubble-smithing ain't as easy as it looks!Sterling Johnson from San Francisco performed as Bubblesmith all day on May 8 in City Hall at 606 Manitou Ave. Johnson creates intricate "hands on" bubble poetry with just his breath, hands, light, and music! He performs in a short-sleeved tuxedo to highlight the action of his hands in bubble soap.

Flex Cartagena, known as the Bubbleguy in Delaware, demonstrated his prolific bubble machines in Memorial Park, 500 Manitou Ave., on both days of the festival. A kite flyer in his spare time, Cartagena engineered and built several different bubble machines in order to gauge the direction of wind on a kite flying field. Cartagena's Ephemeral Sculpture Machine can create bubbles three feet wide and twelve feet long. His smaller bubble machines feature a dozen wands and significant bubble soap holding capacity. Cartagena has been known to use upwards of thirty gallons of bubble soap in a day of pleasing crowds with bubble art.
Stretch and his Solar Powered Bubble Tower

Stretch the Stiltwalking Clown from Denver performed in Memorial Park accompanied by giant puppets. At nine feet tall, Stretch, portrayed by clown Bill Coleman, was a commanding figure on the bubble field. Spectators can saw him chase bubbles with his enormous bubble wand. Stretch has planned crowd-pleasing antics around his Solar Powered Bubble Tower.

Hands-on bubble activities were presented for children both days. Admission to the park was free.
Stretch's partner Jerry and his 18' tall puppet got more than their share of hugs!

Friday, May 7th, 2004

Art inspires art!
Local artist Carolyn Seibel Intemann was
inspired to create this watercolor portrait
of Felix Cartegena making bubble art
at Bubbles over Colorado
"Kid Bubbles!"

Arts Awareness Day at
Manitou Springs Elementary
School Performances by:

Bubble Guy, Felix Cartagena,
& his kinetic bubble
sculpture machines

Sterling Johnson,
Bubblesmith Extraordinaire
Sterling Johnson specializes in making bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles...

Stretch the Stiltwaking Clown was there to greet visiting dignitaries

Stretch's partner Jerry works the stilts from the other end!

Saturday, May 8th, 2004

Bubbles Festival in Memorial Park, 500 Manitou Ave.
10 AM - 4 PM

Bubble Workshops for Kids and Parents

Stretch & Flex consult.

All Day Bubble Production
by Felix Cartagena & his
Amazing Bubble Devices!

High Altitude Bubble Antics by
Stretch the Stiltwalking Clown & his
Solar-Powered Bubble Tower!

Handmade Bubbles

Performance by: Sterling Johnson as Bubblesmith

BubbleSmith Sterling Johnson dazzled the crowds four times a day
What you can't see is the kids seated at Sterling's feet COMPLETELY wrapped up in his performance.
Nuthin' up my sleeves!

A net of bubbles!

Bubbles within bubbles

Sunday, May 9th, 2004

Flex paraded in the Bubble Trike
"Bubbles Over
Colorado" March

Performances and activities
began in the park at 10 AM.

All festival attendees were
invited to join the
Bubble Performers in a
Bubble-Blowing Parade
around Memorial Park
at 1 PM.

Contestants brought their
own bubble soap and
bubblewrap hats.

After the Parade, Bubbles
in the park until 4 PM.

A local hiphop group joined the parade & did the bubble wrap rap!

Felix's Ephemeral Bubble Sculpture Machine started off the parade with a POP!

It was a GREAT parade! - puppets and all!

Stretch leads the way!

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